Brick x Mortar


We all have that pace that makes us comfortable, some call it their quiet place where they can think and enjoy alone time, others flex and showcase it to their friends or clients. For me, I have a place that does both. It’s called Brick x Mortar and it’s paradise in the city. I can put in headphones when I’m trying to get in the zone or I can have a genuine meeting surrounded by phenomenal aesthetics and genuine community.


At this point, you may be wondering what is Brick x Mortar. Let’s call it BxM for short. It ’s a shared workspace and social club. Their motto is “Your-Home-Away-From-Home”, and I couldn’t agree more. The space has captivated me, and as a majority of my readers know, visuals are everything to me.


I’ve genuinely enjoyed interacting with members, and have had so much fun at the many events that I’ve attended. It reminds me so much of the social clubs in NY, and it’s so refreshing to see this here in Minneapolis. I’ve been so hyped for the opportunity to experience this place.


Speaking of experience… In all honesty, the staff is what makes this place so magical. You can’t teach kindness, and the staff’s natural ability to make anyone that walks in feel welcomed is what really sells the place.


Anyways, BxM is a hidden gem. Looking forward to warmer months so that I can enjoy the rooftop. Maybe that can be a blog post for another time 😉

To learn more about BxM checkout their website

Photos By Adam Meyer ( @BlackwithgoldWebsite


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