It’s been a minute since my last blog post. Over a year to be exact. People have been saying blogging is dead, and that social media has turned the bloggers into influencers, and blogs have hit their prime. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree, but this is an outlet for me to get creative and just be able to write about what I want rather than doing a job for anyone else. With that said, I am still going to do me, and write what I want to write about.


I took a break because I felt like I wanted to find a purpose to all of this and I think I have. 2018 presented new opportunities for me and has elevated a platform for me to be able to speak my mind to a larger audience in 2019. I wanted to take some time to fine-tune the voice I wanted for this blog.


I wanted to revamp and change things up. I wanted to start writing about brands that I believe in, and what their mission is. I wanted to share my experiences, and how that ties into their brand. Basically, I want to share what the brand means to me.


I have this years blogs lined up, and I am looking forward to the partnerships I have been able to create. I can’t wait to start posting. Thank you all for the continued support, and waiting this long for me to relaunch.


Photos by: Ella Cochrane (@ellasophia_Photography)

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