New You

IMG_4957-1_preview (2)Ok, it’s a new year, and you want to upgrade your style. Your resolution is to dress better, and you want to start fresh. Well, here are my top 5 tips and tricks to succeed!

IMG_4978-2_previewFirst, identify some styles you like and people who influence/inspire your fashion choices. When you are trying to develop your style, you need inspiration. Following the people who inspire you gives you a starting point to discover your own unique style. Two people that I have been inspired by in the past are Jovel Roystan and Marcel Floruss. If you don’t know who they are, you should check them out.

IMG_5076-1_previewSecond, don’t throw out all of your old clothes. A wardrobe starts with basics and chances are, you already have some quality basics for layering. You won’t regret it, and your wallet will thank you.

IMG_4992-1_preview (1)

Speaking of basic, my third tip is to keep it basic. Don’t go overboard with colors and patterns. You are still exploring your personal style, so you want to take it slow. It takes a while to create a wardrobe you are satisfied with.

IMG_4876-1_preview (3)Next, make sure you have the right fit! Sometimes an overly skinny guy will choose to wear baggier clothes because they think they are creating an illusion of being bigger… the reality is that it looks like they are drowning in fabric. The same can be said for a heavier person. They will wear tighter clothes to hold everything in place, but it can actually be unflattering. By having the right fit, you will have a cleaner appearance and get noticed in a good way!

IMG_5099-1_preview (3)My final tip is for those who tend to overdo it. You don’t have to only wear nice things. I have seen so many people upgrade their wardrobe, and only buy dressier clothes (I am guilty of it too). What happens when you get home, and you want to wear sweatpants around the house? Or you are out for a walk on a Saturday afternoon? Are you planning on wearing all the suits you bought? You can freshen up your style still wear sweatpants. You can pull off joggers and jeans, even with an upgraded wardrobe.



Remember that whatever you do, do it with confidence!

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