Unfading Grunge

IMG_2779 2

I bet the people growing up in the late 80s and early 90s would’ve never thought that the grunge look would ever be considered retro. At the time it was the edgiest fashion, and I’m so glad that it’s making a comeback. It is an iconic look not only worn by us in the US but all over the world.

IMG_2782 2

When I would think of grunge I used to think of Neil Young or Nirvana. Now when I think of grunge I think of modern day London or even my close friends. We all know that trends leave and eventually come back, but grunge left and came back so aggressive.

IMG_2784 2

Some people go all out, some just dabble in it, but a lot of today styles are influenced by a classic grunge look. For example how many denim jackets do you own? Next question have you paired that denim jacket with all black? I’m guessing a lot of you said yes to both questions.

IMG_2781 2

It’s an iconic look, and I’m glad this trend is here to stay. The pictures in this post showcase how I interpret this look.

IMG_2783 2

Photos by Kyra Lee Photography!


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