Burgundy & Black

IMG_2659 2

Fall is here and so is the sweater weather, and as you will learn I love sweaters more than anything (except shoes). There is something about being comfortable and fashionable at the same time. These pictures Taken by Trevor Sweeney showcase a typical fall/early winter outfit that I typically wear.


As some of you are aware, I have an obsession with the monochromatic style of clothing. Solid colors that have a nice low is the key to my wardrobe. A lot of it is neutral tones or black, but in this post, I am wearing a bit of burgundy.


Burgundy might be my favorite color. I like so much because it adds depth and warmth to whatever I am wearing. I usually bar it with something black so that it provides some variety to a basic monochromatic look.


Regardless of how you wear burgundy, Its always a color that is on trend, and goes with almost everything, so you typically can’t go wrong.


Photos taken by Trevor Sweeney (@trevorsweeney)


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