I am unbelievably humbled by how well my blog has done. I started with no real expectations, and started blogging because it was a passion of mine. Throughout this journey I have had the privilege of collaborating with some amazing photographers who have become close friends. I truly believe that I couldn’t have done this without their support, and talent.

As a thank you to them/ the 6month anniversary of my blog, here are my favorite photos from each of them, and a link to their Instagram or website.


jv part 2.1

Photo By Johnathan Vinson (jon_t_vinson)



Photo By Christina Erickson (


Photo by  Karen Kruse (mrs_tebow)


Photo By Anders Olson (anders_olson22)


Photo By Kyle Kettler (@kylekettler)


This last one is a collage because Austin dover is unreal! most of the pictures on North & Dandy are ones that he took, and I am truly grateful that he has spent so much time collaborating with me. (@dover.29)


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