Lake Town Summer

image1Nothing says summer to me like a Saturday afternoon in Excelsior. It’s one of my favorite places in Minnesota, and I am so thankful to have spent a large part of my teen years growing up here.

jv part 2.2

image3One of the main reasons I appreciate this area so much is because of all the ice cream options. In my opinion ice cream should be its own food group. Of the many options to pick from, and believe me it was difficult, I would say Licks is my Fav for sure! There is just something about this little shop that gets me, and the ice cream itself is fun to photograph…


My favorite thing about Excelsior is that it feels like a little beach town. All the shops are close together, everyone is friendly, and there is water and boats as far as the eye can see (or at least till Big island).


jv part 2.1

I will always have memories of this place!

s/o to Johnathan Vinson (@jon_t_vinson) for taking all the photos!

Shirt made by Sota clothing! Link below.


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