AD round 3.3Growing up, I always lived in the suburbs so when I had an opportunity I would always try and explore the city that was always nearby. I would always imagine living and working in these metropolitan areas where so many different people groups would gather and live in community.

AD round 3.2

One of the things I appreciate most about cities like Minneapolis is that normal isn’t an option. It seems like everyone is doing extraordinary things, like creating phenomenal art, writing song that showcases their unique sound, or inventing the next thing that changes the game. Cookie cutters are left in the kitchen and different is celebrated.

AD round 3.1

It seems like there is an unwritten rule that the people of Minneapolis stand by “push each other to be better”. It essentially healthy competition. Everyone is striving to be their best and no one wants to fall short. It’s human nature to want to be great at what you do, and the people of Minneapolis enrage each other to do so.

AD round 3.4

When I started this blog so many people were eager to help, give advice, and offered to collaborate. There are definitely a few haters, there will always be, but overall people are nothing but supportive, and just want to see you do well. So… Go downtown and get inspired!

Photos taken by Austin dover!

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