BN PIC 2When I was in college one of my history teachers told me that the quickest way to remove hope from a group of people is by remove their access to books. Since then I have seen reading as a privilege and the best way to quench my thirst for learning as well as add culture to my life!

There are many Book stores in the twin cities, just like any other city. Some are well-known nationwide, and some are local and small. My two favorites just happen to be within a half mile for each other. Barns & Noble and Magers & Quinn are my go-tos when I need an afternoon to read and rejuvenate.


I have been to many Barns & Noble stores around the country, but the most unique and favorite one is right by Lake Calhoun. You may have read my last blog post “Uptown Inspo” where I talk about how this area gave me creative avenues; this store is included in that. I feel like I am taken to a simpler time where knowledge is coveted, and the stressful hustle of life is put on hold for a short time and I always found myself in the section where there are a few shelves dedicated to Minnesota!

MQ pic 1.JPG

Less then a half mile away is Magers & Quinn, not as well-known as Barns & Noble, but just as amazing. Although they have an amazing book collection, it’s the art and Minnesota novelties that spark my attention, from Mugs to artwork and even woodwork of Minnesota that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Its uniqueness make it a frequent and enjoyable stop for me.

MQ pic 2


Leave me a comment of what your favorite book is and you could win a $50 gift card


Photos taken By Austin Dover (@dover.29)

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