uptown 1

One of the most popular places in Minneapolis is Uptown. Some say it’s overrated and some are obsessed with the variety of restaurants, stores, and colorful characters. I personally appreciate the area so much for its uniqueness.

uptown 2

When I was in high school like anyone that age, I was trying to figure out who I was, and who I wanted to be. I would often wander to Uptown to escape. I was free to be myself as I explored the hipster-filled streets. I would often sit on the dock of Lake Calhoun and look into the water to do a little self-reflecting (pun intended).  I would leave the docks feeling refreshed and clear-headed.

uptown 3

I also loved to explore! Wandering the streets of Uptown was never a dull moment. I felt like I was transported to a city that was ahead of what I was used to… a city where the fashion, lifestyle, and all-around vibes were set in a future ahead of its time. It was full of inspiration then and still is now. The feeling I get when I wander the streets, and get filled with incredible and inspiring ideas is still refreshing.uptown 4


In the near future, I will post about more specific stores, businesses, and people in Uptown!

uptown 5

A huge S/O to Austin Dover (@dover.29) for all the photos on this post.

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