North loop 1The North Loop is one of my favorite spots in the downtown area of Minneapolis.  There is something about being around the creative people in this area that makes me feel inspired and confident. Most of my fashion inspirations come from the unique stores in this wonderful part of town.

north loop 2

Although I work in the area during the week, I love coming to this part of town during the weekends. I always start off at Spy House. I dig the atmosphere and I love getting there early in the morning and to let my creative juices flow over a well-crafted coffee beverage.

north loop 4

I also love going to Freehouse. It’s such a unique place, with a friendly, eclectic staff. I always order the same thing, The Merica. It’s a typical breakfast with two eggs, toast, homemade jam, hash browns, and your choice of meat. This is truly comfort food for me.north loop 5

When all is said and done, I always leave feeling so satisfied and ready to tackle the rest of the day. The North Loop is full of coffee shops, restaurants, and adventures. It seems like new things are being added every week!

Photos taken by Austin Dover (@dover.29)

north loop 6

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